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Ensuring Your Online Presence During A Crisis

By James Blake, Founder & Managing Director at Vindicta Digital

These are unprecedented times’, words we’ve all heard time and time again in recent weeks, and they are, no one saw this coming, and many businesses, both large and small, are struggling to adapt to a new normal, albeit a temporary one, but change is needed and FAST! 


Nearly every business has had to make a serious adjustment to their core operations in order to successfully adapt to these new circumstances and it is becoming increasingly obvious that conventional forms of marketing are no longer viable or applicable. Digital marketing is leading the way.


It’s not too late, there are many steps that business owners and managers can take to ensure their business remains viable once this global pandemic passes, so even with a limited presence online, you can maximise your communication with your customers and even engage with potential new customers.




It sounds simple, but it’s time to get creative, you’ve got to create daily content on social media, whether that’s on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – wherever your business exists you need to up your game. Video is the most effective medium to use and during these times, it’s ok that it’s perhaps not as slick as you might normally expect, in fact, consumers are appreciating the human faces behind the businesses. Be brave and go for it!




You are already an expert in your field, so don’t be afraid to share your knowledge, creating a regular blog and writing articles relevant to your product or services and submitting these to google via Google search console for crawling will begin to aide your growing SEO. It’s a good time to get started if you haven’t already, it’s never too late.



Begin outreach to relevant sites that will work with you to allow backlinks from their sites that will drive up your SEO. Perhaps you are a health food business, identify keys bloggers with an interest in health and get in touch – Costs right now could be negotiated, but you can normally expect backlinks to cost anything from the exchange of services for backlinks up to £500 for premium links. Build those relationships and even send them free trials of your product of services, if they like them, they can help you further by blogging about you!




Set up ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, google ads or linkedIn, which are directly aimed at your target audience. You can set your daily or weekly budgets to suit and bear in mind people are consuming advertising very differently at the moment, digital marketing is booming, people are on the internet a lot more and online shopping has become the norm. As time goes by consumers will become more and more used to this and the likelihood is that traditional forms of marketing and purchasing may never fully recover. Cost per acquisition is at an all-time low right now. due to a few reasons. This is the best time to capitalise on this better bang for your buck before the cost of ads increase once we’re through the other side of this storm and more companies are advertising profusely in an extremely digitally centred world. 




Our agency comprises of an expert team of web design, digital marketing and SEO experts – our clients are global and the fact that we are primarily based in Northern Ireland hasn’t stopped us creating hugely successful campaigns for businesses in England, Ireland and even America, so we’re here, we’re working and our team of digital warriors can really help your business today. Most Digital & SEO agencies will work within your budget, don’t be afraid to reach out and discuss your needs.


The marketing industry is set to move into a more digital state if the current trends are accurate. Be under no illusion, the coronavirus outbreak has impacted all businesses and undoubtedly changed life as we know it, but it’s not all bad, this can be a time for growth, personal development, setting new goals and creating good habits.

We will learn from this and while it will be hard in the immediate future this enforced change could be the making of your business as you create a more elegant and refined digital strategy. 


It’s clear that the power of digital marketing has really been demonstrated to lots of very innovative businesses in the last few weeks, so we can safely speculate that the industry will continue to grow, develop, and gain traction as more and more people start to utilise digital marketing effectively. Good luck!


For more information or to discuss your businesses digital needs with James or one of the Vindicta Digital team please visit;  Tel. 028 9558 2085

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