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Hands Of History, Saints & Sinners

The 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement this week gave all of us a chance to look back at what was achieved back in April of 1998, as well as to take stock of where we are now in political terms. It’s not a

Michael, Emma, JLK & The Two Rorys

The Brexit process seems to have reached the stage now where, even when something supposedly momentous happens, most of us shrug our shoulders and carry on regardless. This week was a case in point. Over in Brussels, the gormless looking David

Mary Lou & The Gruesome Twosome

Michel Barnier strikes us a man of infinite patience, the type of man whose easy Gallic charm isn’t easily ruffled. But the Barnier patience must have been sorely tested earlier this week when Sinn Fein and the DUP arrived in Brussels….on

Ellvena’s Double-Barreled Dig

Our call to the business organisations last week to stop pandering to our local politicians turned out to be well timed…if accidentally. Shortly after the blog hit your screens, the NI Chamber of Commerce had all of the main party leaders at their big Richard

Branches & Hedges… The DUP Waxes Lyrical

Eye View – Looking Forward… Not Back For those of you still on the Algarve or basking in the steamy heat of Marbella or Mallorca, your problems are more likely to revolve around the persistent humidity and the cost of air conditioning. Or how you’re

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