by Richard Buckley, Editor, Business Eye

Local accountancy and business advisory firm, Harbinson Mulholland is hoping to highlight the importance of good healthcare both physically and mentally in the workplace, when they roll out the new Diamond Club ‘Wellbeing at Work’ initiative over the coming weeks for their staff, which will be delivered by Kingsbridge.   Angela Craigan, Partner at Harbinson Mulholland who is leading the project, is also on the board of Action Mental Health and knows the importance of engaging with your staff, especially when it comes to health matters.

  She said,


“As an organisation, we invest heavily in our people, so their overall wellbeing is paramount.   Having become Diamond Club members and bringing the team from Kingsbridge into our office, we have identified what workplace wellness goals we want to achieve over the coming months.  The teams are all looking forward to getting involved through a series of health checks, events, educational talks and the benefit of having online access to a GP when they or their families need it,” said Angela.


Gareth Crudden from Kingsbridge, part of the 3fivetwo Group is delighted to be able to offer such an array of services from across the Group and make them bespoke to suit the HM team requirements.  He would encourage other local businesses to explore the benefits of such schemes.  He said,  


“More than half the businesses in the UK have no health or wellbeing strategy in place for their organisations, yet it has been demonstrated on many occasions that such initiatives can result in a healthier, more engaged and more productive workforce. 

“Empowering employees in identifying steps to improve their own general wellbeing is key in helping them take control of their own health.  This can be done at different levels and stages, as not every employee is the same or has the same physical, mental or emotional needs. 

“That’s what makes us unique.  Our team of clinicians and experts will go onsite and work face to face with the staff and our Diamond Card enables the member to be referred on, should they have any further concerns or health requirements,” said Gareth.

Kingsbridge Private Hospital, part of the 3fivetwo Group is offering a new exclusive Diamond Club for local businesses which will have two main pillars and no membership fees.  The first is the Kingsbridge ‘Wellbeing at work’ which is an initiative that brings the expertise of the hospital to the workplace, helping staff to make the right choices and be proactive about their own health.  The second is the ‘Kingsbridge Diamond Club Card’ which gives employees exclusive access to a website that allows every member to ask the hospital GP a question via email. It also allows them to obtain a same day referral letter and an appointment to see the consultant very soon thereafter.  As Diamond Club members employees can also benefit from a range of exclusive offers across the wider 3fivetwo Group.


Anyone interested in finding out more about the Diamond Club scheme can send enquiries to

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Gareth Crudden, 3fivetwo Group, Angela Craigan, Harbinson Mulholland and Susan Hamilton from Kingsbridge are pictured with the staff at Harbinson Mulholland for their first ‘Wellbeing at Work’ team meeting and the new Diamond Club corporate scheme.


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