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Weev Drive Home Electric Vehicle Safety In Schools

Northern Ireland’s fastest-growing electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure company, Weev deliver UK and Ireland’s first Electric Vehicle Education Programme, in partnership with Road Safe NI Charity.

Before school finished for summer, Weev and Road Safe NI Charity visited Armagh Christian Brothers’ Primary School to deliver the first interactive and engaging workshop to over 140 children, with a goal of transforming EV education and safety awareness.

With an always on need for road safety education, Weev is at the forefront of providing first-of-its-kind EV specific education, given the continuous rise of electric vehicles on our roads. Children are traditionally taught the Stop, Look and Listen methods of road safety, but as electric vehicles are significantly quieter vehicles, there is a real demand for updated education resources and literature.

With a business focus on making a sustainable impact and regional investment across communities, Weev and Road Safe NI Charity have offered the workshop free of charge to all schools across Northern Ireland, where all students will receive an up-to-date educational booklet as part of the interactive session.

Philip Rainey of Weev said: “We are delighted to have delivered the first in our programme of road safety education sessions in Armagh Christian Brothers’ Primary School. With the growing number of electric vehicles on our roads, it is vital we begin the education process now and keep our roads as safe as possible by updating the information delivered to our young people. The roads and vehicles are changing and so the literature needs to match that.

The children of Armagh CBS were so enthusiastic and interacted well with the session, learning key, lifesaving information whilst having fun. We look forward to further roll out of the programme, where we will educate over 12,000 children across Northern Ireland in the coming school year.”

Davy Jackson, Chair of Road Safe NI Charity said: “We know road safety is hugely important for children to learn, but with the development of electric vehicles, there is a real need for these EV specific workshops. Our roads can be a very dangerous place and so we are delighted to work in partnership with Weev to help make them in any way safer and teach children vital safety skills. Having private companies, such as Weev, who are willing to invest in our communities is a game changer when it comes to providing such services.”

For more information about Weev’s domestic and fleet charging options, wider charging network and EV range, please visit:


Monica Heaney Road Safe NI Charity Volunteer, David Jackson Chair Road Safe NI Charity, Ellen Heenan Marketing Executive at Weev and Lucy Davis Marketing Manager at Weev

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