by Richard Buckley, Editor, Business Eye

Decision makers and strategists could benefit from a revolutionary new system from Co Down based company, Kipling Data Ltd. The innovative cross-platform app enables users to slice and dice real time data from their current information systems, securing them access to critical data using a smartphone.

Aptly named, Kipling⑤ the system can operate from anywhere in the World providing instant answers to spontaneous questions. The need to harness business intelligence, whether in office or remotely, has never been more relevant than in these current pandemic times.

Dale Orr, creator and Managing Director with more than 40 years’ experience within the software industry, was inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s poem describing ‘Six Honest Men’ as What, Why, When, How, Where and Who? Although written in 1900 the poem reminds us today that to pursue excellence we must challenge and question, an important daily practice for any business leader.

An early adopter of Kipling⑤ is Star Instruments Ltd, headed by CEO Stephen Donnelly. Star Instruments is a leading local manufacturer and supplier of high quality pressure, temperature and flow instrumentation and has been most recently been collaborating with a collective of seven UK-based Formula 1 teams providing ‘Oxygen Clean’ test gauge sets for life-saving ventilators. To date they have provided these specialist gauge sets to test 15,000 ventilators to save lives in the fight against covid-19. Stephen explains;

“Kipling⑤ offers an effective way to stay on top of very dynamic data and react to information and questions as soon as they arise. Our business has changed a lot in recent months and the App has allowed us to embrace this change by keeping up to date information at our fingertips” It now forms part of our management reporting system enabling our senior team to react in real time to financial queries as they arise. It provides clear precise comparisons to our performance day to day, month to month and year on year. An invaluable easy to use phone-based data system making a real impact on how our business operates.

App creator, Dale Orr says;

“Our mission is to create products that reduce the stress from the daily chaos, software that stimulate decisions to flow quicker and to provide information so managers can make better informed decisions from less stressed minds, Kipling⑤ will put clients in control of their critical data in real time. It will revolutionize how sectors such as manufacturing, retail, construction, health, hospitality, sports, education and agri-food interrogate and utilize important data.

“What we have created is more than simply a medium to present KPI’s. Kipling⑤ offers instant interrogation of 2 years information synchronised from multiple data sources.”

“The desire for information can be impulsive but the need for answers is often nothing short of urgent, Kipling⑤ offers answers as quickly as you can think of the questions”

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Dale Orr of Kipling Data with Stephen Donnelly from Star Instruments



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