by Richard Buckley, Editor, Business Eye

Local petfood manufacturer, Mackle Petfoods, owner of the premium Naturo natural petfood and Norsh pet snack brands, has credited Brexit with an exponential rise in online orders since the start of 2021. Last year sales of Naturo was over £20 million across online and instore.

Already this year, Naturo online sales saw a 64% since the start of the year, a trend which has remained steady in the first 3 months and looks set to remain. The company believes the recent phenomenal growth is as a result of constant innovation and development by Mackle Petfoods in response to customer feedback and market trends, and how customers across UK and Ireland are purchasing since Brexit commenced on 31 December 2020.

Launched in 2010, Naturo has grown from an initial 4 varieties, to 38, includes wet and dry food, grain free, gluten free and rice options suitable for all stages of a dog’s life from Puppy, through to Adult and Senior years. Naturo also includes a grain free range for adult cats.

Commenting on the growth in online sales, Lauren Toal, Naturo Brand Manager, said:

“Since March 2020, the increase in families with pets has definitely made demand for the Naturo brand more popular, and the brand had its best year to date, surpassing all targets set. Naturally we were thrilled with this, however since Brexit, this has taken an even bigger leap with a 64% increase in sales online alone. We are attributing this to a number of factors; more ‘new’ first time pet owners purchasing Naturo, and more pet owners who previously bought other brands, now purchasing Naturo because we deliver UK and Ireland wide, to their door via our website. Brexit has been wonderful for our online business to date.

Many petfood companies ceased delivery to Northern Ireland in late last year, whereas we focused on making sure Naturo was able to meet demand across UK and Ireland, and this has resulted in a significant number of new customers purchasing Naturo online. Since December 31st, we have had over 85,000 new visits to our website from customers who are now experiencing Naturo for the first time, and with a new TV campaign now live across UK and Ireland, we are very hopeful this will continue to increase,” Lauren concluded

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John Mackle, Mackle Petfoods with Holly the family dog



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