by Richard Buckley, Editor, Business Eye

Digital services company Neueda is the first Northern Ireland company to partner with the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) and adopt its IT Capability Maturity Framework™ (IT-CMF) tool to help organisations meet the digital challenge quickly and efficiently. The framework uses online surveys, industry-standard practices in a range of competencies, and a substantial repository of benchmark data to help organisations make better-informed decisions on how to digitise their systems and processes.

The tool is globally recognised as a market leader in IT management.

Neueda plans to use the framework as a way of more effectively analysing what it describes as the ‘digital readiness’ of its customer base, which includes international market leaders across the public sector, private sector and financial markets.

“Neueda is always seeking ways to gain a deeper understanding of our customers’ digital needs in order that we can help them become more effective,” said Neil McKeown, Head of Consulting, Neueda.

“Digitisation of services, systems and processes is high on the corporate agenda yet less than 20% of organisations have a clear understanding of what digital transformation really means or how they need to go about achieving it.

“This IT Capability Maturity Framework allows us to objectively assess, within a short timeframe, how ready a company is for digitisation, whilst also benchmarking against industry standard practice, ultimately building a plan to achieve their respective goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way,” Neil said.


The IVI was co-founded in 2006 by Maynooth University and Intel to create a global standard for IT management. Speaking about the partnership with Neueda, Paul Goddard, Channel and Partner Manager, IVI said:

“We are delighted to partner with Neueda to help their clients use the IT-CMF to identify, address and meet the ever-changing needs of organisational performance in this time of digital transformation.”

Established in 2006, Neueda delivers large-scale software projects to international market leaders across public sector, private sector and financial markets. With headquarters in Belfast, Neueda also has a presence in London, New York and Malaga, Spain, and is in the process of adding 165 jobs to its 250 strong workforce.

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Neil McKeown of Neueda and the IVI's Paul Goddard


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