by Richard Buckley, Editor, Business Eye

Young Enterprise Northern Ireland is supporting schools and young people during the extended school closures by providing free online resources through its ‘KeepLearning’ platform. Keeping entrepreneurship education going online is in response to students, parents and teachers seeking interactive solutions to facilitate home-learning.

Programmes are designed to keep our young people motivated, active and developing skillsets.

“In exceptional times, we can’t underestimate the value of offering continuity of teaching, school activities and interpersonal connections beyond the home,” says Carol Fitzsimons MBE, CEO, Young Enterprise Northern Ireland”.

Flagship events and recognition of student achievements move online too, the first of which will see our 8 Company programme finalists from across the country make their pitch digitally to the judge’s week.

Free resources and activities

Young Enterprises engaging resources and activities are free to use and easily accessible for students at home; the ideal learning format for a generation of digital natives.

Each option nurtures capabilities essential to thrive in life, work and business. Skills span the curriculum: teamwork, planning, creativity, spoken and written communications, time management, co-operation, flexibility, problem solving, budgeting and crucially, facing difficulties with a positive, proactive attitude.

Tenner from Home Challenge

This popular national competition, adapted for independent work from home, enables students to research and plan a business opportunity that could be started with just £10.

My Money Week Resources

A highly successful English schools programme for the past 11 years; current materials are now available to download.

Leadership Competition

Young Enterprise teams up with Telos Partners to offer a competition based around ‘Leadership’. Submit entries up to 2,000 words by 18th May 2020.

Your Money Matters Textbook

A free PDF version of this comprehensive learning resource, containing a wealth of information, activities and top tips regarding money and personal finance.  

Additional backup

The charity are also delivering support services and digital learning opportunities for teachers, parents and students at no cost. Details will be available online.

From challenge to opportunity

Young Enterprise NI takes inspiration from the successful online learning developed by sister organisation Junior Achievement Italia; more than proving its worth now.

“Today we are more aware of the importance of a society made up of aware citizens, capable of facing the challenges of the future,” states Antonio Perdichizzi, President of JA Italy. “It is necessary to seize together the opportunities that can arise from the challenges we are facing”.

“We have always been committed to educating young people for life beyond the classroom. Now we’re going beyond the classroom too,” explains Carol. Our young people are more resilient than we think, in fact they, more than us, will be more than comfortable with this new form of learning.

“Bringing together students, teachers, parents and volunteers, we’re a community dedicated to fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. Our mission is to connect schools, businesses and young people across Northern Ireland.”

To take part and be updated on developments and initiatives, students and teachers are invited to register by emailing

Online activities are also open to young people whose school doesn’t yet participate in Young Enterprise programs. The charity now reaches 90,000 students across Northern Ireland from primary up to third level, including special schools and these programs are for all young people in NI.

Volunteers make it happen

Young Enterprise are urging volunteers from the business community to get involved, particularly those eager to make a difference during school closures.

“Staying actively engaged, focused on the future and positive is the way ahead.  Participation in Young Enterprise NI, whether you’re a young person with many ideas and hours to fill, a teacher or parent keen to maintain the learning momentum, or a volunteer, we’re offering a fantastic way to make this a time of growth, fulfilment and forming collaborative networks,” says Carol.

We wish teachers, young people and their families the very best and look forward to working with you in the future.”

Access free resources online at: @CCEA_info @Ed_Authority




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