by Richard Buckley, Editor, Business Eye

This week is the third anniversary of the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations, and the leading local company supporting business compliance, barrister led has announced a £750k investment in 16 new jobs and an extensive training programme, supported by Invest NI.

Orlagh Kelly, barrister and founder of the company, realised the need in the legal sector when the legislation was being introduced. Now the company has developed to supply bespoke training and certification to legal Chambers and Barristers all over Great Britain.

“The need has grown so quickly we have developed products for the Health sector, Retail, Sales and Marketing and Construction. Our recruitment drive is for professionals who will understand the needs of our clients, but we will always be led by qualified barristers who will ensure we are continually ahead of the legislation,” Orlagh explained.

“The ICO has recently been sending out letters to businesses and sole trader professionals requiring them to register. The cost is £40 for most businesses and understandably many people think it is another scam. It is not and this letter has to be taken seriously.

“The ICO can investigate your business and impose a harsh fine for a serious data breach, and in our experience the public are now becoming very aware of their rights when it comes to protecting their private information. The most notable recent legal actions around cyber security breaches are against British Airways and Facebook while Ticketmaster UK were fined £1.2m in 2020 for not managing client information safely.

“Human error on the part of SME’s and individual professionals has never been more scrutinised, particularly as more of us are working from home with access to sensitive data. The answer is to get your processes in order, get the right training and have your certification. This is the first step to successfully mitigating any ICO investigation,” she advised. is based in Belfast and has just been awarded the Invest NI Gold Award for Technical Innovation.

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Orlagh Kelly with George McKinney of Invest NI



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