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Leading property developer, Fraser Millar, has unveiled a pioneering, £70M flagship project, which will be the largest Passivhaus housing development in the whole of the UK and Ireland. The Lancaster Park development, which spans 26 acres, brings the future of housebuilding into the current day, and will see the build of 219 low-energy and near-zero carbon homes created in Belfast.

The project will set the standards for Northern Ireland’s greener future in construction and domestic living.

These ‘sustainable homes of the future’ will be part of the most environmentally-friendly large-scale development ever built in the UK or Ireland, using cutting-edge technology and advanced building methods within the gold-standard of Passivhaus specification, which will significantly reduce running costs and increase efficiency.

The 219 homes will cut home heating costs, consistently below £500 per year, per house, which represents a saving of approximately £800 for the average home, per annum (based on current NI fuel prices). The way the houses are designed and built eradicates the reliance on fossil fuels for the home-owner.

Passivhaus buildings provide a high level of occupant comfort while using very little energy for heating and cooling. They are built with meticulous attention to detail and rigorous design and construction according to principles developed by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany and will be certified through an exacting quality assurance process.

The first houses in Phase One will be due for completion in February 2022 and will consist of 23, three and four-bedroom, semi-detached and detached family homes, to be released for sale in the next few weeks.

Thanks to the Passivhaus design methods, including enhanced insulation and airtight sealing, alongside Nilan air source heat systems, Lancaster Park will be the first major development in Northern Ireland to boast an EPC A rating.

Developer David Millar said: “With over 50 year’s experience in the local property sector, we are confident that we know what our purchasers need and want. Lancaster Park is the result of increased demands from buyers for homes that are less expensive to run and with reduced environmental impact.

“Extensive research has shown us that the modern buyer wants homes to be healthy, future-proof and considerate to the eco challenges of sustainable development.

“We have worked closely with the design criteria from experts both in Germany, and all over the world to ensure these homes meet the Passivhaus gold standard.

“Lancaster Park properties will be superbly insulated and are leading the way with excellent air tightness qualities complemented and supported with a fresh air filtration system that ensures a healthier living experience for homeowners.

“In this flagship development, we have entirely eradicated the reliance on fossil fuels. Instead, we have utilised the very latest in technology to keep our properties warm all year round whilst removing the worry of ever-fluctuating fuel prices. In fact, we aim to have home heating costs consistently below £500 per year, per house.

“Through research, development and innovative design, working closely with designers and consultants qualified by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany, we are creating homes of the future for purchasers who want energy-efficient and sustainable living in beautiful surroundings with an easy commute to the city. It is literally a breath of fresh air when it comes to home construction.”
Located just 15 minutes from Belfast city centre, near the Saintfield Road area of the city, Lancaster Park’s Passivhaus project has already attracted major interest from homeowners who want to invest in a greener future.

Selling agent Simon Brien said: “Over the last decade, there has been a sea change in what people expect from their homes. Buyers are now more focussed on the future running costs of their home, energy efficiency, spiralling fuel costs and environmental considerations. These have become important factors when choosing a property.

“In advance of the formal release of Phase One, Lancaster Park has already proved incredibly popular with many home buyers registering their interest.

It is evident that there is a new generation of homeowners who understand the importance and cost savings of living in a more environmentally-friendly way.

“Although these new homes are built with cutting edge insulation and heating technology, there’s certainly been no compromise on style or design. Stylish, modern homes located in lush, green wide-open spaces, play park facilities for children, and close proximity to the city make Lancaster Park a shining example of the future of new homes.

“Homebuyers recognise this new development offers them the chance to protect their health, their wallets and the planet while living in a beautiful, modern development with a community that supports their values.

Mr Brien concluded: “It is exciting that the first phase of homes at Lancaster Park are soon to be released to the market and the show home will be open in early Autumn.
I would invite any house buyers who are interested in learning more about Lancaster Park to contact us and discover the many advantages this exciting Fraser Millar development has to offer.”

Barry McCarron, Chairperson of the Passive House Association of Ireland said: “It is fantastic to see a development aim for the highest standards of energy efficiency and quality in the world. Projects like this provide real leadership for the region and progressive examples like this will move the sector forward.”

With construction well underway, the first phase of the development will soon be available for sale with plans for first completions in February 2022.

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Charles Millar, David Millar and John Carrigan from Fraser Millar.


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