by Richard Buckley, Editor, Business Eye

Seven local firms whose innovative technologies are shaping the post-pandemic world have signed up to be the Bright Future Partners of the EmTech Europe conference. Kicking off its three-year series in Belfast on 1 and 2 July, EmTech Europe will explore the technologies at play in a world undergoing rapid digital transformation.

The two-day conference is set to unite CEOs, researchers and policymakers at the forefront of technology. Local firms with expertise in Cybersecurity, Connected Health, Digital Transformation and Financial Services have now thrown their weight behind the event.

EmTech Europe will be supported by Aflac Northern Ireland, Bazaarvoice, Liberty IT, Unosquare, Rapid 7, Neueda and KPMG. Together, the sponsors represent the calibre of Belfast’s tech sector and reputation as one of Europe’s most promising innovative hubs.

Bringing specialist knowledge in cloud engineering, software development, cognitive technology and digital transformation, the sponsors employ hundreds of tech professionals in Northern Ireland and have a global footprint that spans Dublin, New York and Japan.

Brendan Monaghan, Executive Chairman of Neueda said:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with EmTech Europe in the first of an exciting three-year conference series in Belfast. After a year where technology has really come into its own, the conference will encourage innovation, inspiration and collaboration among some of the most renowned CEOs at the centre of the next big developments in tech.

“As a Belfast born company, it is fantastic to see EmTech Europe come to our city. Over the past decade, we have seen a real boost in talent and expertise in our tech sector, and it is right that this is being acknowledged by a global commodity such as the MIT Technology Review. We are proud to be joining with the rest of the tech ecosystem here to support EmTech Europe and play our role in advancing the technology frontier.”

Roisin Hughes, Vice President of Human Resource at Unosquare said:

“EmTech Europe is a fantastic opportunity for the best and brightest in Belfast to showcase what the city has to offer the international technology market.

“From establishing an office in Belfast in 2017, Unosquare has been confident in the city’s ability in the tech space. EmTech Europe only further cements Belfast as a top region for tech entrepreneurship and talent, which will further bring investment and excitement into the city. We are thrilled to be a part of the EmTech Europe journey this year.

Johnny Hanna, Partner in Charge at KPMG Northern Ireland said:

“Technology sits at the heart of KPMG’s work in Northern Ireland so partnering with EmTech Europe is a perfect fit. We see first-hand the rapidly changing needs of clients as technology adapts to an evolving world and have created the KPMG Centre of Excellence at our Belfast headquarters to meet those demands.

“Conferences which explore innovative, practical and commercial ways to bring positive change to society are needed now more than ever before. Belfast has a lot to offer in terms of tech and a pro-business environment that will be the envy of many European tech leaders when they unite to share their latest research and breakthroughs this July.”

EmTech Europe 2021- Forging a Brighter Future will explore the themes of A Sustainable Future; An Intelligent Future; and A Healthy Future. It is supported by Belfast City Council and Invest NI and will take place virtually in July 2021 before returning to Belfast in 2022 and 2023.

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Left to Right) Representing EmTech Europe’s Bright Future Partners, William Hamilton, Managing Director of Liberty IT, Seamus Cushley, Vice-President of Research and Development at Bazaarvoice, Brendan Monaghan, Executive Chairman of Neueda, Alan Lavery, Director of Applied Intelligence at KPMG, Sarah Miliken, Leader of Talent and Culture at Aflac NI, Roisin Hughes, Vice President of Human Resources at Unosquare, and Neville O’Neill, Director of Engineering, Rapid7.



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