by Richard Buckley, Editor, Business Eye

One week on from the Northern Ireland Assembly declaring a ‘climate emergency’ and the UK Government announcing green policy changes around coal and electric vehicles, Northern Ireland is set to hold its first Sustainable Business Conference and Expo.   Business leaders from across the Island of Ireland will be gathering at The Titanic Hotel, Belfast on 24th March.


The aim of the event is to help businesses and organisations tackle the big issues surrounding sustainability and offer tangible solutions towards achieving a broader approach to business and move towards a ‘Triple Bottom Line’ that benefits profit, people and the planet.


Danielle McCormick, Director of McCormick Communications and Partner at the event comments “Achieving true sustainability within business requires a focus on three key pillars: economic impact, where your business is guaranteed long-term profitability, social impact that takes into consideration employee welfare, fair trade and community engagement and last but not least, environmental impact where you are equipped to make responsible decisions to reduce any negative impact on the environment.


Danielle adds “In today’s society there is a greater expectation than ever for business leaders and individuals to step up to the mark in doing our bit to improve upon sustainability. Research from Nielsen reveals that 81% of global customers now feel that businesses should have a positive impact on the environment, but this must so much more than just a tick-boxing exercise or attempts to greenwash the consumer and the media.”


The concept for the event was created by Danielle McCormick, McCormick Communications and Peter Craven, Director of Blue Sky Video Marketing and Founder of The Future Of Marketing event series, they were keen to raise the profile of sustainability, placing it within the context of today’s market place and rapidly changing set of customers’ expectations.


Peter Craven comments “We want to enable businesses to move towards more sustainable business models that stand the test of time, ensuring that increased profit, and positive impacts for people and the planet are met in equal measure.


Peter continues “More and more businesses are now thinking about how they can implement real change that meets both their business needs and that of their local community as well as the planet. Those that are choosing to integrate this approach into the fabric of their business models, such as Patagonia, Toms Shoes or Unilever are showcasing leadership, innovation and increased profit through implementing relevant and impactful sustainable practices for a diverse range of reasons, but we don’t need to be huge, multinational businesses to do our part for a better society.”


Nielsen’s research has found that 73% of global consumers would change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment, whilst research by Unilever has found that of their own brand labels, those that integrated sustainability into their purpose and products delivered nearly half the company’s global growth back in 2015 and were growing 30% faster than the rest of the business.


Peter Craven comments “We have something for all sectors and can guarantee a fantastic line up of speakers and facilitators available to lead presentations, panel discussions and workshops that are designed to take attendees on a journey from the ‘what’ to the ‘how’ within your business.”


Danielle ends by saying “There are certainly a huge range of benefits to be had by marrying sustainability into your business model and we expect this to become a bigger focus following the recent announcements from local government and the numerous high-profile climate awareness campaigns that are gaining traction across the globe right now, so we invite businesses, organisations, individuals, charities and our MLA’s to be part of the conversation and together we can begin to take the steps towards positive change.”


Tickets are available now via: as well as a wide range of opportunities for speakers and exhibitors.


To make enquiries about opportunities to get involved contact Danielle via or telephone: 07518096673 or Peter via or telephone: 07483845865.


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Liam McEvoy, Co-Founder at Sustain IQ and exhibitor at the event with Danielle McCormick, McCormick Communications, Event Organiser


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