by Richard Buckley, Editor, Business Eye

Says Michael Hutchinson, Director, NITEC Solutions 2018 gets under way with a heightened sense of hope and fear in equal measure. Never before has the Cyber Security landscape looked so threatening.

  The scary thing is that some people reading this are almost certainly going to have their inbox hacked at some point this year. 

Just pause for a moment and consider what ‘collateral’ the hackers might find in some of your messages and attachments.  Think Phil Neville and his seven-year old tweets, and you get the picture.

However, there is a cost effective solution particularly for SMEs already using Microsoft’s Office 365 Productivity Suite and it’s called multi or two factor authentication.  Sounds complicated?  Well it really isn’t, and the truth is that almost all of us have been using it for online banking for years. 

Something you know; your password, alongside something you have; normally an SMS or alert sent to your mobile phone.  Ach, I hear you say, surely that has to be incredibly disruptive and irritating?  Not if it is set up correctly, and nowhere as irritating as having the contents of your inbox strewn across the internet! 

This is the year when reputational ‘embarrassment’ may well be more of a concern than any demand for ransom that accompanies it. 

So as IT Security Consultants who passionately  believe in the efficacy of a multi-layered approach to Cyber Security – if you were only do One thing in 2018, do this!

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