by Richard Buckley, Editor, Business Eye

Belfast’s newest restaurant, 7Spice in St Anne’s Square, had its official ‘soft’ opening last night (Wednesday), less than forty-eight hours before it goes into lockdown. The Bangladeshi restaurant represents a £500,000 investment and employs 25 employees.

A key feature of the restaurant is the construction and installation of five outdoor ‘pods’ capable of seating up to six people.

The signature restaurant is the brainchild of Belfast restaurateur, Luthfur Ahmed, who forged ahead with the development despite Covid-19 restrictions and uncertainty.

He says the new four-week lockdown, effective from Friday evening, is a body-blow for the hospitality sector that is still reeling from the earlier closure of sit-in restaurants.

Luthfur said: “We’re devastated by the decision of the Executive. We have created something special in 7Spice which we know would have been very popular.

“Our staff are also hugely disappointed as they all thought we could get through the pandemic without any further restrictions.

“Obviously, safeguarding people’s health is the main priority and when all of this is over, 7Spice will be there to deliver top-class cuisine and exquisite wines.

“Now, we have to improvise and do the best we can. At the end of the four weeks, hopefully, we can open our doors to customers.”

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Luthfur Ahmed and wife, Fably Khanam, with Mukesh Sharma at the official ’soft' opening of 7Spice Belfast at St Anne’s Square, Belfast.



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